LEVEL Protocol

LEVEL is designed to enhance liquidity in the $FLD community. It simplifies participation in liquidity pools (LPs), allows for compounding LP positions without selling $FLD, and integrates game theory for strategic outcomes. It's designed with a focus on liquidity pairs and offers several unique, gamified aspects for strategy formulation.



Total LP Bootstrapped


LP Per Pool

FLD/AVAX (VaporDex)


FLD/AVAX (TraderJoe)



The LEVEL protocol, is designed to enhance liquidity within the $FLD community by simplifying participation in liquidity pools (LPs). It allows users to compound their LP positions without selling $FLD, utilizing game theory for strategic outcomes. LEVEL introduces mechanics like minting LVL NFTs, ranks, revolving supply, and tiers, along with unique processes such as Fusion, Synthesis, and Castling. These elements are aimed at increasing buy pressure on $FLD, thereby supporting its value. LEVEL's multi-dimensional approach, integrating NFTs with liquidity provision, offers users various strategies to optimize their involvement and benefit from the protocol's liquidity distribution mechanisms.